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Looking at the night of Japan from a space satellite, there are parts where the light is not so much lit.
It's not a city.
However, even if the light is dim, culture and nature are still alive there.
About 70-80% of the country's mountains and forests are the charm and value left in Japan.
Nowhere else can you imitate the depths of such areas
There is a landscape, a unique climate, and a lifestyle
There are houses and spaces that retain the memories of people.
It has aimed for potential for Mirai
It is a memory It is a memory of nostalgia and pride.
I thought it was our role to arrange it.
I think that it will evolve into Mirai in the era of corona chance.

  © ️ Nobuhiro Shibayama 

"The era of Corona's chance" A new life.
Start living in your favorite place and space.

TIME Travel Chronograph

From the end of the Edo period to the Meiji era *, a Kesen carpenter built a prototype farmhouse in Fujisawa, Oshu.

Bakumatsu-Meiji Iwate

* According to the oral tradition of the owner of the original house



オリジナルの家の写真 設計 室伏次郎、現地測量 吉田晃 古民家コーディネータ佐々木文彦

​ Taisho



Start the journey to find 1994-1999

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As a result of aiming for modern and convenient housing during the period of economic growth, traditional old folk houses boasting world-class technology will disappear from Japan. I want to make effective use of as many cultures and techniques as possible for the future and evolve them , so I continued traveling with my wife for about 5 years while searching for an old private house to be demolished between work, mainly in Tohoku. Look at about 50 private houses. Among them, we arrive at an old folk house in Oshu that envelops people who feel the soul of Yamato in Iwate. There, I was struck by the dynamic structure of Kesen Carpenter. I wanted to relocate the huge beams, girders and pillars as they were.

Decided to relocate before dismantling and incinerating or partially selling. At the same time, I asked Hakone and admired the wonderful location. The land that is a candidate for relocation is rare and has many uses, so it was decided to obtain it. Begin to seek architects who can consider a strong relocation to the slope. I wanted to make an old folk house a futuristic existence not only through traditional Japanese-style architecture but also through possible relocation and regeneration.



Discover a longed-for old folk house 2001

I got to know JMRA and joined in order to obtain even better information on old folk houses. I started looking for an old folk house to be demolished in the center of Iwate with Mr. Sasaki, an old folk house coordinator, a wooden building in the Tohoku area that specializes in relocating and reconstructing old folk houses. I found a house with a hipped roof, Mayadate, in Fujisawa-cho, Iwate Prefecture. The structure of the original house will be investigated separately by the Building Research Institute and incorporated into the drawings. According to the owner's oral tradition, the house of the Meiji era at the end of the Edo period 180 years ago.

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Completion of Hakone House


Phase 1 construction 2003 ~ 4


I began to contact people who understood the relocation of old folk houses to Hakone. As a result, Studio Altech started the relocation design to the Hakone slope in 2003 after conducting geological surveys and structural calculations. Constructed by a local construction company. The Building Research Institute gives instructions for on-site assembly of old materials. Completed in 2004. Furuki Transport was also able to get help from a deceased friend from Iwate, who I met after discovering the house in my work.

室伏次郎氏設計 気仙大工新古民家

The photo on the left is the one when it was completed and handed over.

2008 ~

​ I'm looking forward to seeing the Hakone Ekiden near this house.

Start searching for a balance between work and living in an old folk house by going back and forth between Tokyo and Hakone

 2011 3.11

Old folk houses and buildings of Kesen carpenters were destroyed by the Great East Japan Earthquake

I was very disappointed to find out that I had lost it. I strongly thought that Kesen Carpentry should not be a thing of the past.

岩手県 藤沢

​ * Google Earth

​ Moved the resident card from Tokyo to Hakone. Fortunately, Unkai from Hakone Kuzuryu notices that he will join the scenery of this house.

Verandas are laid around the entrance of the house and the surrounding land.


Hakone House Phase 2 Construction

2016 ~ 2017

Members (architects, building assistants, construction shops) at the time of completion of the first phase, and make corrections for the second phase after more than 10 years. 2016: In the summer, repaired all leaks from the mountain side. It turned out that the underground was also affected. Obvious in the room downstairs. 2017: Explanation and persuasion of water leakage and damage on the balcony on the second floor in winter. From spring to summer, all the construction work will be done.



​ I finally meet the original owner of this old folk house and a friend who was involved in the transportation of old trees. The old man who owns an old folk house is no longer in the world. I was full with apologetic feelings.

Tohoku architect and coordinator ​, wife of a friend of Iwate, reopened with his son.

​ First year of Reiwa   2019

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気仙大工新古民家 室伏次郎氏設計









ウイズ コロナ でホームワークが本格的に始まり箱根で暮らすことが



湖が見える 箱根町 箱根 を幾つもの大手企業が買う。





  © ️ Nobuhiro Shibayama 



It was good to move "my home to Hakone, Hakone, a true address that has existed secretly for a long time," instead of Hakone, a large modern town, that is, Yumoto, Hakone, and Senya, Hakone.

Nearby equipment
Here Hakone-machi Hakone is now the original land of Hakone before Hakone-machi Senya, Yumoto, etc. were integrated into a large area.

From the garden of the house, you can see the torii gate of Hakone Shrine and Lake Ashi​ overlooking Mt. Fuji.
It reminds me that the scenery of Mt. Fuji is Japanese.
There is Onshi Park nearby and I am looking forward to a walk.

2 convenience stores, hospitals, famous bread and restaurants, Italian restaurants, museums, land and water buses, government offices, 2 car repairs, police boxes, post offices, fire stations, etc.
The taxi company is just a stone's throw away.
The aquarium and the large hotel boutique are also nearby.
You can wash large laundry in a new coin laundry.
A dry sauna with rose-scented water and a hot spring are nearby.
There are 3 or 4 gas stations in the vast Hakone area. One of them is close to me, and he pays attention to the delivery of kerosene and the private tank for warming the floor in winter.
Tokyo's longing Bikers Paradise South Hakone is 30 minutes.

Nearby traffic
Two-way bus stop and one-way. There are two "National Highway No. 1 Oshiba ⇄ Odawara". The other bus uses a free highway called Hakone Shindo and goes straight to "National Highway No. 1 Oshiba ⇄ Odawara" in a short time. A total of 3 types of buses run. Even though it is Hiroshi Hakone, "Hakone" in Hakone is the only place here.
In addition , the bus of "Old Road No. 732, Old Road Entrance ⇄ Hakone Yumoto" runs nearby . Mecca of the bus.

● Yugawara in Kanagawa and Atami in Shizuoka are 30 minutes by car using National Highway No. 20.
● For Shuzenji at the tip of Izu, feel free to use No. 414, which runs on mountain ridges.
A short walk to the entrance of the famous Hakone Old Highway. So you can walk to the famous teahouse from Edo.

Home road
● The altitude is high. And the nearby lights don't come in and the stars should be picked up.
There are two roads facing the building here, one above and one below. The upper road is a dead end only here and is highly safe and confidential.
The upper road is the road for gas water supply maintenance by Hakone Town Hall and is used as the main entrance of this house.
The road below is a paved road in this area, and people who know it know that there are extremely few cars and it is quiet.
Arrive immediately from Odawara by Ernest Hakone Turnpike on National Highway No. 1, Hakone Shindo, or Hakone Old Highway.

Year-round at home
The road around Lake Ashi, the entrance to the Hakone Turnpike is just around the corner.
The fireworks display at Lake Ashi looks good.
The Hakone sightseeing helicopter platform is nearby.
If you buy it at the Beavertozan DIY shop at the foot of the mountain, even long timber will be delivered.
I pull it into my house, but I can't see the wires from the whole garden. Make the most of Kacho Fugetsu.
The skeleton of an old folk house is huge, with 1,2 tons of beams and seven trailers carrying the Shinkansen. (For details, see the record page )
Water is healthy and cheap in this area. (Many places in Hakone charge for water charges by Kanagawa Prefecture)
If you build a aviary, parents and children will live there. Rich in nature.
Upside down You don't have to walk up and down to get up to this house in the Fuji area to get up from the road under Prince's jurisdiction. There is another house and a horizontal road under the jurisdiction of Hakone Town Hall. That's why you can live all year round.
The true Hakone in Hakone is sunny. My home builds a vegetable garden. I am happy with the vegetable fields in my garden .
● Because National Highway No. 1 is very close, snow removal should be done immediately even if the country is dignified.
There are two roads in my home, not only the roads under the jurisdiction of Prince below, but also the roads under the jurisdiction of the Hakone Town Hall above. When it snows on the "Hakone Office Jurisdiction Road" leading to the entrance of the house, a snowplow and Hakone Office snowplow volunteers will play an active role.

Neighborhood of the house

v ● Hakone Town The area around Hakone is full of new owners and hotels .
A luxury hotel was newly built on a small mountain nearby. (From February 2022)
There is a big plan for Tokyu Land Corporation's hotel / resort business at the bus terminal Oshiba, which is a 5 -minute walk away. (As of February 2022)
Rakuten bought the Hakone Museum of Art under Lake Ashi and started construction of a new hotel. (As of May 2022)
I am looking forward to new development in this state ↑.
A temple with a joya no kane is nearby.
The land around the old road near my house is selling, and local migration is progressing.
The trees in the vast Hakone Forest Park are being replanted with broad-leaved trees. The wooden bridge is also new.
The old Hakone Highway is right in front of you.
There are many fireworks on Lake Ashi.
The park of forest, lake, Lake Ashi and another pond is a 5-minute walk and a large panorama nearby.
A 5-minute walk to the 5th district spot, which is the highlight of Hakone Ekiden.

箱根町 箱根
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