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Find an old folk house that you can hand over while going north.


I have seen old folk houses as if going north from the Chubu region. Fortunately, I joined the organization knowing that there is an organization that lists the preservation and relocation of old private houses. At that JIMRA, I went around to see the coordinator's existence together. I met there at a large old folk house in Fujisawa Town, Iwate Prefecture. I was surprised to see the inside. Huge beams and large black pillars.



The road to demolition begins quietly.

The old folk house lives with the feelings of our ancestors who have lived for more than a hundred years. ​ So, I am grateful as a wasteful and thankful old material. The whole view and interior of the house before it was demolished. I peeled off the boards and walls little by little. The length and width of this old folk house are exactly the same, and the pillars and beams are considered. I felt like I should be patient.


First of all, on-site measurement.

Before dismantling the house, manually copy the length and size of the tree into a notebook to make the whole drawing. The drawing before disassembly is the same as the drawing for pumping up. ​ This measures the members one by one by hand, and says "Irohani" in the vertical direction and "1234" in the horizontal direction. The numbered items are driven into the pillars and beams at the site. And instead of the architect who asked, another architect will make the on-site measurement cheaper by creating a new relocation and regeneration plan.



It will finally fall apart.

Kesen carpenters say "unwind" when dismantling a house. ​ Something kind and kind. ​ You didn't throw away your precious wood and used it again.
It is numbered and carefully disassembled. ​ And wait for the day when it will be reassembled and bloom. Furuki, with many Kesen carpentry skills, will take a break. In the meantime, I am thinking about how to relocate and design ​ in the measurement drawing.